Baby-bonnet, fine rib

Baby-Häubchen, Feinripp hellgrau melange/orchidee (7:3)
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  • S725550-914-5056
extra information: size 50/56 – head circumference 36-41 cm size 62/68 – head circumference... more
Baby-bonnet, fine rib

extra information: size 50/56 – head circumference 36-41 cm size 62/68 – head circumference 41-44 cm size 74/80 – head circumference 44-46 cm

Our baby bonnet made from finest merino virgin wool with silk is gentle and soft - perfect for babies' sensitive skin. Babies lose up to 30% of their body heat through the head, because the fontanel is not completely closed yet and babies usually do not have a lot of hair yet. This can lead to hypothermia or colds. That is why a bonnet is so important for the little ones.

Features: The blend of finest merino virgin wool (from certified organic livestock) with precious mulberry silk (70%/30%) are bringing off the advantages of the individual fibres and ensure a comfortable and long wearing experience. Merino virgin wool/silk-blends support a healthy skin climate, no heat accumulation can develop and they are temperature regulating, which means they warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm. All ENGEL-products are made in Germany.

Care instructions: Wool/silk is dirt-repellant and regenerates by airing. Wool/silk should be washed by hand very gently in lukewarm water. Do not wring or rub it, because then it can become felted. Many of our articles are machine washable. They can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C, using the wool wash cycle. We absolutely recommend to use a suitable wool detergent which protects the fiber.

Material:70% virgin wool 30% silk

Manufacturing country: Germany

GOTS 70 wool